2017 – 10 Most Expensive Luxury Buildings In Gold Coast and Streeterville

To make the top 10 in the rankings for 2016 a building needed a median sale price of $2,292,500 or higher. For 2017 it rose to $2,390,000 or more, a increase of 4.3%. All 10 buildings that made the list are in downtown Chicago’s Near North Side area in either the Gold Coast or Streeterville neighborhoods.

Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio Luxury - Palmolive Building

Based on this information Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio Luxury ranked the top 10 most expensive condo and co-op buildings in Chicago. Each January while reviewing the previous year’s sales statistics they ranked the median sale price for the most expensive buildings.

Only condo and co-op apartment buildings that had at least 2 sales recorded in Chicago’s multiple listing service (MRED) that closed in 2017 were considered. Only listed sales were used in determining median sale price for a building.

The top 5 ranking buildings in 2016 all made the list again. However, there was a new building in the top spot that didn’t make the list last year. The Palmolive Building at 159 E Walton had the highest median sale price in 2017 at $4,371,250.

One co-op apartment building made the list, 1500 N Lake Shore Drive. See out list of the differences between Chicago condos and co-ops for more information on co-ops.


1 Palmolive $4,371,250 Streeterville
2 Park Tower $4,105,000 Gold Coast
3 Waldorf Astoria $3,850,000 Gold Coast
4 Residences at 900 $3,550,000 Gold Coast
5 Mayfair $3,400,000 Gold Coast/Streeterville
6 50 E Chestnut $3,262,500 Gold Coast
7 4 E Elm $3,225,000 Gold Coast
8 30 W Oak $2,875,000 Gold Coast
9 1500 N Lake Shore Drive $2,687,500 Gold Coast
10 33 E Bellevue $2,390,000 Gold Coast


Contact Ebonie Caldwell Realty Portfolio at 312-999-0LUX  / 312-999-0589 or email us at Inquiries@LuxuryRealEstate.Properties. Several clients and some industry professionals asked why don’t we  don’t rank the buildings using price per square foot. First, many listings don’t provide square footage. Second, as we wrote about square footage in 2012  measurements even by professional appraisers can vary widely. Developers often calculate it from the center inside walls. Listing agents often round it up. It is far from being an accurate measure.

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