NEMA Chicago – South Loop 1200 S. Indiana, Chicago, IL 60605

As the highly-anticipated, new addition to Chicago’s South Loop, NEMA Chicago.  If you’ve been following the construction of NEMA Chicago (formerly One Grant Park, formerly 113 East Roosevelt), or any other skyscraper under construction in Chicago, you’ve probably wondered what it’s like “up there.” It will be the tallest tower constructed in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Joining the list of famous architecture that makes up the Chicago skyline, this 829 ft. development will be a marvel to behold!

While it may not look overtly significant to a typical passerby, the heavy machinery currently humming away at the corner of Roosevelt and Indiana in Chicago’s South Loop marks the official start of construction on NEMA Chicago. Designed by notable Uruguay-born architect Rafael Viñoly for Florida-based developer Crescent Heights, the 792-unit rental tower began site preparations late last year. Utilizing a bundle-tube design similar to Chicago’s Willis (Sears) Tower, the skyscraper is poised to bookend the south end of Grant Park with some much-needed height and provide some visual balance to Chicago’s skyline.

It was long understood that the tower would easily exceed 800 feet, but it seems that Viñoly’s creation may rise even higher than previously thought. According to a tip posted on the development watching forums at, the project’s often quoted height of 76 stories seems to just apply to the tower’s highest occupied floor.

With four additional mechanical floors (plus the tower’s decorative crown), the online source suggests the structural pinnacle could reach as high 892 feet. If accurate, NEMA Chicago will be even harder to ignore as it takes a prominent place on Chicago’s already iconic architectural stage in 2019. A future phase of the project calls for a second, even taller twin tower to the immediate west.


NEMA is a 76-story architectural icon designed by Rafael Viñoly, located on Grant Park, with a soul that is 100% “Made in Chicago”

NEMA Chicago rises from the corner of Indiana Avenue and Roosevelt Road and creates a tall southern edge to Grant Park, balancing the mix of heights on the downtown Chicago Loop skyline. The tower is set on a 16-story-tall base topped by a 1,360-square-meter (14,670-square-foot) landscaped pool deck for residents. The base also contains a parking garage, resident fitness amenities, and retail.

NEMA Chicago under construction


  • Tower design inspired by Daniel Burnham’s rational urban plan for Chicago
  • Creates a tall bookend to the existing downtown Loop skyline along Grant Park
  • Ground level retail space engages the public while a landscaped pool deck on the 16-story base creates an urban vista for tower residents

Chicago has always been a gateway city — bridging together east and west, north and south — it’s a place where ideas, cultures, and traditions collide in a gutsy, thrilling way.

Featuring 70,000 square feet of amenities, world-class architecture by Rafael Viñoly, locally inspired interior design by David Rockwell, and stunning views of Lake Michigan and Grant Park, NEMA Chicago sits at the intersection of everything that makes Chicago sizzle.

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