Lake Shore East – New East Side

Lakeshore East is a urban development being by the Magellan Dnt Group. It is located in the northeastern part of the Loop, which, along with Illinois Center. The development is bordered by Wacker Drive to the north, Columbus Drive to the west, Lake Shore Drive to the east, and East Randolph Street to the south. The neighborhood’s also known as the New East Side, and is about 40 percent green, with an abundance of open space, including a 6-acre botanical recreational park. THE PARK AT LAKESHORE EAST serves as the soul of the nation’s most ambitious urban renewal development. The multiple-award-winning six-acre park is a virtual botanical garden that is the front yard to the thousands of people living and working in Lakeshore East. Lakeshore East is built around a 28-acre community of surrounding luxury apartment rental, luxury condos and luxury townhomes. This area is tucked into an enclave adjacent to Michigan Avenue and west of Lakeshore Drive with a private park, lots of dining Mariano’s Grocery Store and plenty of things to do including enjoy the air and water show and watching bi-weekly fireworks from almost any building in the New East Side community.

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